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Dear Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry about ENYA products and/or factory repair service.

We have recently been appointed a "factory parts and service center" by ENYA, and are in the process of gradually building up our parts and engines stock.

We currently have most of the parts for the ENYA 80, 90, and 120R four stroke engines.  More parts will be in soon as we place stock orders about once a month.

For each order, for items in or out of stock, we are charging the ENYA list price in Japan plus $10 S&H even if we have to "special order" from Japan.  All prices are listed on the ENYA website.  Just use the conversion factor given on the ENYA home page to convert to US dollars.

Normally, we can supply ENYA engines and parts not in stock in about two weeks  depending on order timing and availability of the item.

ENYA is also selling direct, on-line, at www.enya-engine.com, so if we don't have an item in stock, and delivery time is critical, you may order it direct from Japan.

Our plan is to stock all ENYA products for direct sale here in the US, and to provide domestic factory service.  Eventually, we'd like to start a dealer program.

BJ's Model Engine Service*,
51 Hillside Dr., Beacon Falls, CT 06403
email: wbilljensen@cs.com
*a trade name of Flight Star Devices, Inc.

We are the factory authorized service center for:
RCV Engines                     www.rcvengines.com
Brison                                www.rc-revolution.com
Revolution                      www.rc-revolution.com
ENYA                              www.enya-engine.com
...we also service all other brands, sizes, and strokes.

News: BJ's has acquired "DEMON-CLEAN (tm)" engine cleaner,  $21.95 PP.

Warning:  Always follow engine, propeller, and accessory makers/sellers instructions on the safe operation of model engines. Safety is your responsibility. Operate engines safely and enjoy a great hobby/sport.

Standard repair info:

Estimates: For common repairs, you may do your own estimate on-line at www.bj-model-engines.com; or, email, phone, or fax for a prompt free estimate.

Quotes and repairs minimum charge: Accurate, detailed, diagnosis and repair quote with disassembly as required; included with repair, $20 to $30** without repair, plus return S&H of $10 to $28,  depending on engine size and type. **Glow $20, Gas and 4-strokes $30.  Multi cylinders may be higher.

Payment options:  We accept major credit cards, PayPal, checks, and money orders.  Sorry, no C.O.D., open accounts, or billing.  We request full payment anytime before shipping.  We can email a PayPal invoice if you prefer.

General: Normal lead time, allow about 10 workdays in our shop for most repairs.

If we're test running a non-pumped or regulated engine, and you want us to accurately set the carburetor needles for you, specify tank vertical height from tank center to needle valve.   Also, specify your nitro % and prop if you have a favorite. Please include muffler, prop nut and washer, but not the prop.

In stock: "ULTRA OIL", YS and OS compatible after-run oil from Performance Specialties.  Will not damage silicone parts in these engines, and is perfect for all nitro engines.  After the last run of the day, run the engine dry of fuel, squirt some Ultra Oil in the intake, loosen or remove the glow plug. If the engine has a crankcase breather inject* 1/4 ounce into the crankcase, spin with starter, tighten or replace plug.  $10 for large 10 ounce bottle, no S&H charge if shipped with your engine, $4 S&H if separate.
*Injector syringe $5

Warning, disclaimer, terms & conditions:  It is the operator's responsibility, for maximum safety, to always follow engine, fuel, propeller, accessory makers, and suppliers safety guidelines, warnings, and operating instructions when operating, handling, fueling, storing, maintaining, and repairing engines.  Always practice good common sense to safely use these products.  Since your engine operations are not supervised by us, and the fact that no model engine is 100% reliable whether repaired or not, you are responsible to operate your model in such a way that a malfunction of any kind of the engine will not cause property damage or injury to persons.  BJ's is not liable for damages of any kind, in any amount, whether direct, indirect, or consequential, due to accident, misuse, or proper use of engines and related products and procedures, whether or not BJ's service work may have contributed to the accident or loss.  Your acknowledgement of these warnings and acceptance of these terms is automatically part of the service and/or repair contract between you and BJ's.   No service can be performed by us without your acceptance of these terms.  You agree to advise us if you do not accept these terms before ordering service or operating a serviced engine.  If you have any questions about operating your engine or related equipment, contact the supplier.  Contact BJ's for any questions about service performed by us, or these terms.   Always operate engines safely and enjoy a great hobby/sport! 

Mailing address:  BJís Model Engine Service

51 Hillside Dr.,  Beacon Falls, CT 06403,  Attn: Bill Jensen

Email: wbilljensen@gmail.com,    website: www.bj-model-engines.com


Updated:  2015